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Network Administrator

Company: Recruitment Firm

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City:   ikoyi
Experience: 2 - 5 years
Education: Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Over 2.000.000 / year (NGN)


The Job Concept


The position of network administrator ensures a seamless day-to-day operability of the firm’s network and telecoms infrastructure that guarantees full and effective implementation of the firm’s information management systems. Such infrastructure includes radio hardware, LAN devices, WAN devices, wireless devices, PABX, IP Based devices, etc


This is an executive position; he/she is responsible for the Network Engineers and reports to the Network Manager.


Job Description


    Provide technical guidance on Networking Projects with vendors;

    Support the maintenance of networked devices.

    Manage all local network upgrades and back-up processes.

    Support in the security remediation of networked devices .e.g Cisco, Routers, etc.

    Assist in developing network security policies and plans.

    Monitor the availability of network links and efficiency.

    Test redundancy of network links and carry out successful failover for network systems equipped for business continuity / disasters recovery.

    Monitor performance of IS equipments( routers, switches, etc).

Working as a team member in a project environment, including multi-disciplinary teams.

    Assist in determining and carrying out key needs for effective telecommunication system.

Providing network administrative support on operating system components such as Windows 2003 / 2008 operating systems.

    Ensure up-to-date network OS upgrades of all existing firm network devices (bios inclusive).

    Telephone & PABX support.

    Maintain inventory of network asset such as Routers, Switches, PABX, netboz, wireless devices, etc.


Core Skills


    Must have over 5 years IT experience.

    Must have performed oversight function for others or team.

Must have an in-depth knowledge of established computer-industry security procedures for multiple computer platforms.

    In-depth experience with security issues on multiple operating systems platforms such as LINUX , Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Win7.

    In-depth knowledge of PKI, firewalls, VoIP, DMZ, MPLS,MDM,SIEM, Radio &Fibre configuration.


Generic Skills


    Good written and oral communication ability.

Action planning, Motivating, Analytical mind and strong problem-solving capabilities.

Ability to work independently in a highly dynamic environment and work under intense pressure.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Ability to solve problems quickly and completely.

Ability to train PwC users on use of computer software and hardware in both office and classroom situations.

Strong work ethics.


Educational Qualification


    First degree or HND in Computer Science and computer related disciplines (Computer Engineering, Computer with Economics, Computer with Mathematics, MIS & Electrical/ Electronics. Certification in Microsoft Technology e.g. MCSE, CCNA will be an added advantage.

Applicants should forward their cv to hr.citadelconsult@gmail.com

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