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Job Graduate Researcher - Stadlite Logistics

Graduate Researcher

Company: Stadlite Logistics

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City:   lagos Island
Experience: 6 months - 2 years
Education: Undefined
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Over 2.000.000 / year (NGN)


Ad details
A graduate research assistant assists professors and researchers in conducting experiments, analyzing results, preparing reports, documentation of results and in general, aid in research. They have to follow the instructions of the researchers and can give suggestions regarding research. It is good way to learn and gain experience in the research field. Undergraduate students with good conceptual knowledge can also be considered for part-time graduate research assistant job.
Duties and Responsibilities
*Assisting the researchers in research
Conduct surveys, collect, analyze and interpret result search and compile material and literature required for research.
*Typing notes, feeding data into computers, making photocopies and organizing materials
Proofread material and correct mistakes before submitting for final approval
*Documenting the research findings and results in a systematic manner as requested by the researcher
*Understand the requirements of the researcher and assist him in all research related activities.
All applicants should have a minimum of HND,BSC and other related discipline of this vacant and professional certification is an added advantage.
All qualified and interested applicants should forward a comprehensive resume to the comment box provided or to this email address Careers.stadlitelogistics @outlook.com for urgent recruitment.Only qualified applicants will be reached through their contacts.
Must be residing in Lagos or willing to relocate.this ad expires on 15/11/2016.

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