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Job Construction Engineer - Medtronix Inc Consult

Construction Engineer

Company: Medtronix Inc Consult

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City:   Apapa
Experience: 2 - 5 years
Education: Bachelor
Ref: CV103
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Over 1.500.000 / year (NGN)


Construction engineers are key cogs to successfully completing a construction project. The projects that they work on might include designing a drainage and sewage system, constructing a building or developing railroads or roadways.
 Duties of a Construction Engineer
A construction engineer will have to fulfill a variety of specific duties on a daily basis. Prior to even thinking about starting a construction project, the construction engineer will have to survey the area. In conjunction with this they will need to produce reports and environmental statements detailing how the project will be done and what areas it will affect. During the pre-construction phase, the construction engineer will prepare diagrams, charts and surveys showing specific information about the area and the desired project. 

Once the reports, charts and data have been compiled, the construction engineer will then need to discuss such items with related parties such as builders, environmental agencies and local, state and federal entities. These items may also have to be made available to the general public for their objections to be heard. 

The construction engineer must also inspect the site to ensure that the building which will be taken place can be accommodated by that area. Tests will be performed relating to the ground and water level. The construction engineer may also have to determine the grade and elevation levels of the area. 

Some construction engineers must determine the costs of their construction projects. This is done by proposing bids and determining the costs of labor and materials to ensure that the project can be carried through in keeping with the budget that has been set aside. This will be an estimation on the part of the construction engineer but it must be as close to the true number as possible. 

The construction engineer must also provide technical advice to all parties involved with the project. This may relate to any number of topics including the construction of the site to abiding by certain laws, codes and regulations. A construction engineer is something of a jack of all trades in many respects and therefore will be consulted on a number of issues.

Minimum Qualifications
B.S. degree in Engineering or Construction Management with 0-1 years of experience with a commercial and/or industrial general contractor or 3 years of directly related experience with no degree;
A basic understanding of construction means and methods associated with the renovation of commercial and institutional buildings and site work related thereto;
Solid understanding/proficiency with spreadsheets, Email and other software used in the construction industry.
Professional credentials - either Engineer in Training (EIT), or Associate Constructor (AC) in good standings; 1
Current safety credentials 

Method of Application
Qualified Applicant should forward their Details and CV to Medtronix Inc Consult Recruiting Department via emai; jobs(dot)medtronixincconsult(at)gmail(dot)com

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